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Words beginning with L

Lābha : लाभ : લાભ
Laghimā : लघिमा : લઘિમા
One of the eight siddhis which enables one to make body extremely light
Lajjā : लज्जा : લજ્જા
lakshana : लक्षण : લક્ષણ
Lakshmi : लक्ष्मी : લક્ષ્મી
Goddess of wealth and prosperity
Lakshya : लक्ष्य : લક્ષ્ય
Laukika : लौकिक : લૌકિક
Laya : लय : લય
Absorption; dissolution
Lilā : लीला : લીલા
Divine play
Linga : लिंग : લિંગ
Lord Shiva’s sacred symbol; oval shaped divine stone
Lobha : लोभ : લોભ
Loka : लोक : લોક
World or planes.
A)  There are three lokas: Urdhva (heaven), Madhya (earth) and adho (hell)
B)  There are seven planes: bhu, bhuvar, svar, mahar, jano, tapo and satya-loka which are said to be located in the human body respectively in the feet, genitals, navel, heart, throat, between eyebrows and on the crest of head