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My poetry

Behold the beautiful clear sky in the autumn.  
Likewise is my poetry with a heart simple, open and generous.  
She is charming like a lotus with her sweet nectar
and soft fragrance beckoning to a new life,
a new awakening and a new conscience.

She is not ruffled by the wild winds,
the tumultuous tempests,
nor by the frightful flashes of lightning or peals of thunder.  
She is ever fresh, blooming and delicate with her sweet silent melody.

She has given up her embellishments
and liberated herself from the maze of meter and meaning.  
Delighting all with her ambrosial sweetness, like a rhythmic river
she is abounding to surrender herself to the celestial glory of Thy feet.

Whatever for she is in,
she is a humble garland at They sacred feet
O my Master Poet!  
She is an elegant garland of Thy heavenly flowers
dedicated to Thy lotus feet.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

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Like a miser that longeth after gold, let thy heart pant after Him.
- Sri Ramkrishna