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A prayer

Better make my eyes perish the very day
they behold not Thy vision
and tear away the heart the very moment
it makes room for anything else, leaving Thee aside.

Better clip these ears
when they no more hear Thy charming music, my Lord!  
Destroy the very day, the body
when it ceases to function as the temple of Thy sacred idol
and gives up the path of Thy service and devotion.

Better the eyes go blind than unable to have Thy vision.  
Better the ears go deaf than unable to hear the melody of Thy name.  
Better the heart be pierced and broken than have no room in it for Thee.  
Better the body reduced to ashes than not acting to Thy bidding, my Lord.

Pray, my Lord, grant me
that I relish the incense of Thy divine love at each breath,
that I be absorbed and lost in the melody of Thy music.  
Grant, O my love, I may never be separated from Thee.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

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- Dalai Lama