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Love and liberation

I never desire for that emancipation and tranquility
unattainable by the sacred bond of love.

I have no liking for the heart
and supernatural powers acquired with the help of it –
the heart that is harder than thunderbolt and, becoming devoid of emotions,
remains unmoved by the aspirations and sensations like a stone,
whose shore can never become wet by the almost adjacent ocean of love,
O dear ascetic!

I never aspire for that liberation and tranquility
which are attainable only at the cost of love.

I have enjoyed the deliciousness of liberation and peace
through these fragrant flowers, beautiful bowers, and the sweet music of birds therein.  
Consequently I cannot but declare that my liberation lies in love.  
Liberation without love is not acceptable to me.  
And even if it exists at all, it has no worth, it ceases of its attraction for me.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

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