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The cause of restlessness

Look at these flowers smiling with heavenly sweet fragrance.  
Can’t you sink in remembrance of that beloved Lord at their very sight?

Why leave aside your flower-like kith and kin,
enter the forest, and suffer hardships for remembering the Lord?

Look at these children with lotus-like cheeks!  
Can’t you behold the fragrant face of your Beloved in them?

Can’t you achieve the divine drop of His love in your sweet heart as well?

Why scorn or forsake them,
enter into the forest, and begin bewailment for the Lord then?

These twinkling stars and garland-like clouds of the monsoon sky!  
Can’t you realize the supreme sweetness of the only creator of them all?

Why shut yourself up in mountain caves
and struggle for love’s acquisition by crying loudly?

You have achieved everything, O my dear aspirant!  
Only you have forgotten one essential.  
That is why you are hankering day and night after that.  
For will you please show me even a molecule that is apart from Him
and even a fragment of a place where He does not reside?  
Only your realization is incomplete.  
And consequently in you lonely life there is friction,
poison has pervaded it, and restlessness has made its permanent abode there.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

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