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The ultimate abode of love

Stepping down from the highest peak of power and prestige,
dressed in tatters, I have approached Thee
and poured out my egoistic, hypocritical heart
in the form of torrential tears at Thy feet.

My head accustomed to be held heaven-high forever
has suddenly bowed down in the dust of Thy lotus-like feet
and my entire knowledge spreads itself out
in the agonizing sigh and cry of my soul.

I could not taste Thy love’s nectar until recently.  
For my investigation was terminated
within this consecrated food-like world of Thine.  
But ultimately now when having liberated myself
from the clutches of external decorations,
I wallow in Thy holy dust,
I come to comprehend where the ultimate abode of love is.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

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