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Siddhi and worship

She came and stood by my temple door in the moonlit night.  
I got up by the clinking of her anklets.  
The charming moonlight seemed to be extremely lovely and beautiful
and looked like a lily blossoming in the nectarean lake of the world.  
With a fine garland in her hands, flowers in her hair,
and an aroma wafted from her limbs,
she came in the melodious moonlight and stood by my temple door.

Another beautiful girl also stood behind her.
But Oh, she was weeping.

She whispered in a while, ‘My name is Siddhi
and this weeping girl is known as Worship!’

‘But why is she weeping?’ I enquired.

‘For you are ready to accept me today.  
But this little loveable lady has always suffered
from those that have accepted and embraced me.  
Hence she is weeping.’

‘No, no,’ I explained.
‘The sorry story will no more be repeated now.  
Both of you shall stay with me as sisters.’

And suddenly their lily-like faces were radiated with sweet smiles.  
They both garlanded me.  

- Shri Yogeshwarji

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Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening.
- Mahatma Gandhi