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The cause of fearlessness

Putting on sandals of discrimination and dispassion
we travel in this vast universe.  
It is possibly because of that
that we are not afraid of thorns and pebbles.  
The track may not be smooth and sweet,
but we never get frightened by it.

With the sword of endurance
we roam about on this beautiful earth.  
That is why we remain undaunted even amidst thieves,
like merriment with misery, honour with dishonour.

Being intoxicated fully
with the nectar-like medicine of love and unattachment
we circumambulate the globe.  
Hence we are never affected by disease of mind, body and heart.

O my dear ascetic!  
Illuminated with divine effulgence every atom of our body
we travel over this extensive universe.  
Hence we never get afraid of the inner and outward darkness,
remain careless of time and condition
and breathe unworried even in expiration.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

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