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I approach Thee

I approach Thee
after so much deliberation for looking into Thy eyes unwinking.  
But no sooner does Thy sweet sight mingle with mine than I lose everything.  
My soul’s invaluable wealth is surrendered unhesitatingly at Thy feet.

I come before Thee
with the sole idea of kissing Thy feet fully with the whole of my might.  
But I completely forget myself by the intoxicating smell of it
and cannot but pour my heart on it.

I stand before Thee
with all my thoughts for entering into conversations with Thee.  
But forgetting myself fully I am absorbed in Thee
as I listen to the silent sweet melodious music of Thine.  

I approach Thee with so much thought in my mind
for beholding Thy beauty to my supreme satisfaction
and for drinking Thy love’s nectar with my heart’s cup.  
But at the very taste of Thy beauty, overwhelmed with joy,
I cannot but experience deep ecstasy and become one with Thee.

- Shri Yogeshwarji

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Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the evening.
- Mahatma Gandhi