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Life after death

Q: What happens to a soul when it leaves a physical body?

A: There are various illustrations about this phenomenon in our ancient spiritual scriptures. Depending upon one’s karma, the soul goes to heaven or hell (righteous path or elsewhere).

Q: Do those who leave the physical body take birth again?

A: Those who have latent desires or worldly and material wishes will again take birth and assume a physical body.

Q: Do those souls take birth immediately? If not, how much time elapses before their re-birth?

A: There is no fixed rule in this regard. Some souls immediately take birth and assume a physical body while others take birth after some time.

Q: Is it possible to contact such souls? Is it advisable?

A: Yes. It is definitely possible to contact such souls. If one tries and does contact ordinary and pleasure loving souls, it does not serve any purpose. If the contact is with some extraordinary saint or sages, then it is useful for marching forward on the path of divinity.

Q: Does this mean that there is no benefit by contacting ordinary souls?

A: Even if there is a benefit in contacting such souls, the advantage is not noteworthy. One gains nothing by having contact with such souls. If one can communicate with other souls, why not attempt to contact the extraordinary and divine souls?

Q: Can such souls provide guidance to spiritual aspirant? If yes, how?

A: If we wish, they can direct us. They can even give us mantra-diksha (bless us with a holy name to recite). They can give their divya-darshan (appear before an aspirant in divine form). They can provide their valuable guidance to solve any problem that an aspirant may face on his journey towards the divine.

Q: Have you met anyone who have such experiences?

A: Why merely ask about it? Attempt to have such an experience yourself. Pray for their grace. You will also be blessed by the most extraordinary souls.

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I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish He wouldn't trust me so much.
- Mother Teresa