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Sarvamangal Charitable Trust is a Non-Profit organization registered in India. It was founded in 1978 by Shri Yogeshwarji. After Shri Yogeshwarji left his physical body in 1984, Maa Sarveshwari, Yogeshwarji's disciple and spiritual heir began looking after the manifold benevolent activities of the trust. Following is brief information about the various activities carried out by the trust.

Medical camp, Eye operation & blood donation camp Poor and needy village people in backward areas has limited access to medical facility and if available, it is out of their reach. How Sarvamangal help them ...

  • Regular Medical camps - helping more than 17,000 people to date
  • Blood donation Camp at Rajkot and Kapura
  • Free Cataract Operation Camps (Netra Yagna) performed twice at Ambaji giving new light to more than 125 people
  • Foot Camp (Jaipur leg) to provide support to polio patients
  • Medical facilities (medicine and check up by doctor) made available to padyatri's on Bhadarvi Poonam at Swargarohan helping more than 2500 people.

Relief work in natural calamities: Deadly earthquake on 26th January 2001 killed thousands, left countless people homeless and children without school. How Sarvamangal responded...

  • Distribution of more than 4000 food packets to 18 villages of worst hit Kutch district
  • Temporary shades for 50 families at Morbi
  • Temporary shades for 154 schools in 27 villages and Educational aide to 5000 students of 19 schools
  • Seven new schools built at a cost of Rs. 4.8 million at Kerala, Haripara,  Gala, Piludi, Jasmatgarh, Amarnagar & Bhaktinagar in Morbi province of Saurastra in record 90 days. Later in February 2002, eighth school at Dadashri Nagar near Gala was also completed.

In social service: Poor, down trodden, orphans, widows and other needy people are benefited by generous donations in the form of clothes, food grains and medicines from time to time ....

  • Occasional distribution of food & clothing to poor, needy, disabled and widows in socially & economically backward areas.
  • Free Distribution of water and buttermilk (chhas) to more than 40,000 pada-yatris on Bhadarvi Poonam at Swargarohan, Ambaji.
  • Help to Adivasi school students by providing them with school uniforms
  • 'PHOOLVADI' - Summer camps targeted at building character and morals in youths & children
  • 'SWARGAROHAN' - An affordable place to stay at Ambaji, a place of pilgrimage

Preserving culture & heritage: Promoting ancient yogic heritage by organizing 'Akhil Gujarat Yogasana Competition' wherein 161 children and youths from all over Gujarat participated...

  • 'Yog kaushal' - Akhil Gujarat Yogasana Competition organized
  • ‘Himalay Amaro’ – competition of patriotic songs
  • Hosted workshop for Sanskrit language
  • Publication of ‘ADHYATMA’ - a religious Gujarati monthly  
  • Publication of Audio cassettes and religious Books by Shri Yogeshwarji

Helping literary world: One and only project of its kind to put Gujarati language on global scale - Vishwa kosh in Gujarati. How Sarvamangal helped ...

  • Financial help for the publication of Gujarati Vishwakosh (Encyclopedia in Gujarati)
  • 'Yog Jyot' Awards - Recognizing talents of bright students in all districts of Gujarat at secondary and higher secondary level (SSC and HSC)
  • Distribution of educational aide to school children in backward areas

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