Bhajans : Meera Bai (મીરાં બાઈ)


મીરાંબાઈના ભજનો

Bhajans : Meera Bai


Copyright of these audio rests with respective artists/recording company. It is presented here for public interest only. If you like it, you are highly encouraged to buy original cassettes/CD's from a music store near you. 


+3 #33Jyoti Trivedi2019-08-16 18:16
Excellent site, All bhajans are heart touching and feels like listening over and over and still feel same fresh as very first time Many many congratulations for such a wonderful job !!! God bless you!
+5 #32Pravinbhai Patel2013-11-20 10:24
This is one of the best sight,very good bhajan, books and other literature. Thanks and please do needful for free download of mirabai bhajan.
+6 #31Pravinbhai Patel2013-11-20 10:21
This is one of the best sight , need to add old bhajans and a service of free download. good luck and HARI OM.
+6 #30kallaiwalla2013-07-03 13:23
The best.Fully enjoying in morning. Is it possible to get selected bhajan immediately. that means bhajan no.1 played then if I try bahajan no.15 it takes long time to start.

[You can click on any individual title and it will play - admin]
+8 #29Manish Rautela2013-03-06 10:34
This website is so beautiful. मैंने रामचरितमानस जोउनलोड करा । मैंने कभी सोचा नहीं था की ये मुकेशजी की आवाज में इतना मधुर होगा । ये दिल को और आत्मा को सुख देता है । प्लीज, भजन और ग्रंथ हिन्दी में डाउनलोड करने का ओप्शन देने का प्रयास करें । धन्यवाद ।
- जय श्री राम
(मनीषजी, हमारे डाउनलोड विभाग में यह ग्रंथ डाउनलोड के लिये उपलब्ध है - वेबमास्टर)
+3 #28Chandrasekhar Ray2011-09-26 17:23
The bhajans in this site are really heart touching.
+7 #27Ashvin Bhatt2011-07-23 04:12
What an invaluable Sangeet no Akhoot Bhandaar!!!!
Best wishes..
+10 #26Sanjay Ambaliya2011-07-08 19:47
Its great to listen bhajan and you done the god's work. This is very good. I am speechless.
+5 #25Ganshyam Varia2011-06-18 18:21
Very very nice site for bhajans. very very nice. best.
+6 #24Jitendra2011-02-24 18:23
This site is awesome. I want to listen the bhajan.
"Phool re shangaru maa tari chundari re maa"
I am not able to find the Cd for that also. So can you help me in this matter.
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