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Shri Yogeshwarji : Various Topics

* વિવિધ વિષયો પર શ્રી યોગેશ્વરજીના પ્રવચનો


If you like the lectures, and feel inspired, please drop a line in the comment below. Your responses encourage us to put more such lectures online. Pl. do not send request for downloads.


+1 #7 Hiren 2018-05-17 20:06
I don't find Prabhu's pravachan at surat Anni Beasent Hall which i use to listen on your website? Is it removed?
Dhyan Yog lectures at Surat have been moved to a separate page in our audio section. Pl. check it out - admin
0 #6 Tejal Shah 2017-06-19 16:05
JKM. Gita sandesh lecture 13 is not coming up.
+3 #5 Mahendra Purohit 2015-07-13 19:26
જય કૃપાળુ મા. મારું નામ મહેન્દ્ર પુરોહિત, પાલનપુર ગુજરાત. ઘણાં લાંબા સમય પછી પૂજ્ય શ્રી મહાત્માજીની વાણીનું શ્રવણ કરવા મળ્યું. દક્ષેશભાઈ તેમજ અન્ય સર્વેને ધન્યવાદ. પૂ. શ્રી મા ને કોટિ પ્રણામ.
+5 #4 Sanat Joshi 2015-03-19 09:31
શરણાગતિ .. ખુબ સુંદર પ્રવચન છે. દક્ષેશભાઈ, Thanks for posting.
0 #3 Aakash 2012-06-24 08:06
Why don't you make all lectures available as MP3 s to download as on swami-krishnana nda website:
http://swami-krishnana nda.org/audio_discourses.html
This would enable us to listen to them on our ipods, mp3 players while travelling etc.
+3 #2 Kalpana 2012-05-18 08:23
Jai Krupalu Maa!
My name is Kalpana Vyas and I'm from Canada. I think there's some technical issue with the website. As, like the person who commented above, even I can't listen to any of the lectures. And with me as well, Windows Media Player pops up and when I click on play, it does not. Would appreciate a lot if anyone can help me deal with this issue. Thanks!
+1 #1 Mihir 2012-02-08 17:39
Jai Krupalu Maa. My Name is Mihir and I am from Mumbai. I am not able to listen any of the of lectures of pujya Prabhu from Dhyan Yog and neither I am able to listen any Bhajans that are uploaded. When I on the "Lecture.." it pops up another window of media player and when I click "Play" nothing gets played. Can you please help me in this I will really appreciate you help on the same.

[Pl. refer to FAQ page - Admin]
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