Ashit Desai : Raxmam (રક્ષમામ્)

Album RAXMAM by Ashit Desai.


Album Tracks

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+3 #10 Dhiraj Moghariya 2017-02-05 08:29
Nice listening during pranam .Also leads to concentrate in Prabhu's smaran.
+7 #9 Kishan Jethwa 2010-10-15 23:13
By chance I was asked to type any alphabet in English on Google, so tried N for navratri, that's were I found this gujrati bhajans. It's great, lots of Bhajans.
+6 #8 Sudhir Lad 2010-04-29 22:06
I heard audio album and became peace to heart and I know about Yogeshwarji. It is a great ...
+5 #7 Guest 2009-11-24 12:55
Always wanted to listen to Maa-Prabhu's bhajans. they are there is books, but didn't know the raag. It is so convenient here to listen to the one which interests you. thank you.
Jai Krupalu Maa
Tejal (ahmedabad)
+6 #6 Hiren N. Dave, Rajkot 2009-04-07 04:21
Jai Krupalu Maa
This is excellent. I salute your hard work and dedication, This site contains all Bhajans, Video, and Books of Gurudev Prabhu and Maa. I always use to listen online Bhajans. This website is very fast in speed. Thanking you for creating this website for all of us Bhaktas.
Maa Bless You.
+6 #5 Rocky 2009-03-22 02:54
Site like this helps to retain Gujrati culture and tradition, Good job. May God bless you.
+7 #4 Raju Yatri, New Jersey 2009-03-19 23:31
Hats off to the Web Master!
What a nice way of Dedication on the Lotus feet of Shree Guru Hari! There was a story about a child who don't know any prayers. So, he went to church and uttered entire alphabet from A to Z. He asked God to make a prayer out of those the way God likes!
To me, Daxeshbhai's these alphabets are the BEST prayer anybody ever utter in front of Shree Guru Hari and Shree Maa.
May all your spiritual and divine wishes comes true.
Hari Om.
+6 #3 Tejas G. Bhatt, Texas 2009-03-19 17:52
Jai Shri Hari and Jai Krupalu Maa. The new look of website seems awesome. gr8 job.
+6 #2 Anil Lad, Toronto 2009-03-19 14:07
Hey that's very slick. I found out that inspirational quotes are not static.
They change each time you go on a different page! Way to go Daxesbhai.
+7 #1 Komal Patel, Panama 2009-03-19 02:51
Jai Krupalu Maa
I am Komal from Panama. First of all, thank you for creating such an organized website, and second, for sharing all these dhuns and bhajans with us.
I really enjoy listening and singing dhuns, and particularly the HARI OM NAMO YOGESHWARAY dhun, it just touches the inner most part of my heart.
I wanted to know if I could download these dhuns that you have provided. I tried using the right-click save target method, but its not working... So I would like to know any other method that is available.
Once again, thank you for such a lovely and divine effort.
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