Vishnu Sahasranama (વિષ્ણુ સહસ્ત્રનામ)


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+1 #55K L Patel2021-11-11 05:41
I interested your site very heartily
+5 #54Kalpesh Javiya2014-12-06 19:27
જય શ્રીકૃષ્ણ. ઓમ નમો નારાયણ. આપણા અધ્યાત્મ સાહિત્યને ઈન્ટરનેટ પર ઉપલબ્ધ કરવા બદલ શત શત નમન.
+11 #53Yogesh Pandya2014-08-18 12:41
આપના વિરાટ કાર્યને સલામ. અધ્યાત્મપ્રેમીન ે જલસો કરાવી દીધો છે. આવું જ ખુબ આપતા રહો. મજા આવી ગઈ છે. સાઈટમાંથી બહાર જ આવવું ગમતું નથી. JKM.
0 #52Shalaka Gadre2013-10-26 08:44
Please send me the link to ne and download this stotra on iPad
and lumia mobile. Thanks.
+2 #51Hasmukh Patel2013-05-28 09:20
i can not listen this bhajan ? what to do
+8 #50Viki2012-11-27 23:33
At last, after 4 yrs of search, found this male version vishnu sahasranam here!!!!!!
+1 #49Prashant Maurya2012-11-24 15:17
Looking to hear Sri Vishnu Sahastranama recital in divine voice of Pu. Ramesh Bhai
+3 #48Twinkle Prajapati2012-10-11 03:45
Hi I like to listen the Vishnu sahastranam audio in Gujarati - Maa Sarveshwari. But I can't play in my computer please advise.

[Pl. see FAQ/Help section. - admin]
+5 #47Tara Dutt Pandey2012-09-20 19:05
I like Vishnu Sahastra Naam ..
+10 #46Amit Desai2012-09-14 23:07
I am very happy because i found lot of spiritual knowledge here at one stop. Audio material is very nice...thanks for all of these.
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