Thursday, September 24, 2020

Experience of unknown saints

I was staying at my birthplace Saroda during that time. Every evening I used to do "Gita Path" (Recitation of Bhagvad Gita) and many villagers used to attend it. During those days I used to sit in meditation during the night.

It was some time after midnight. My mind submerged in to eternal peace and in that state I had one wonderful experience. I saw the closed doors in front of me open automatically and the whole area filled with light.  The next moment I could see two saints in front of me.

I began to think about their identity as I had never seen them before. One of the saint was very young – may be 12 years of age and the other one was blind and aged. I could guess from their dress that they belonged to the Swaminarayan sect. They had red colored clothes and had a twisted headband similar to the one worn by Swaminarayan Sadhus.

Irrespective of my amazement, they came forward and sat before me. I prostrated to them. The aged saint said, "We are going to Gadhada (albeit by air route) and your place came in between. We know that you are dwelling here so we came here to meet you. You are doing Gita path everyday and many Swaminarayan sect followers are also attending it. We are very happy with that.”

I wished to continue the conversation with them but they said, "We have to go now. We have to reach Gadhada before the morning hours.”

They rose from their seat. Soon the room was filled with light. In moments, they disappeared in the same way they appeared. I opened my eyes. The image of two saints was as it is in my mind. Their darshan was very enlightening.

This incident reinstated my faith that realized souls still exist in this universe and they are working in their own way to help spiritual aspirants irrespective of their religion or sect.



0 #1 Milind Amin 2010-07-25 18:00
Jay Swaminarayan. You right. I am Swaminarayan satsangi and glad to hear about your experiences. My Guruji is residing at Swaminarayan Gurukul, Kandari. I recommended you to meet him at least once. I am sure that you can see the things in front of you.

Today's Quote

It is easy to be friendly to one's friends. But to befriend the one who regard himself as your enemy is the quientessence of true religion. The other is mere business.
- Mahatma Gandhi


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