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અભ્યાસ જાગ્યા પછી ભમવું નહીં

અભ્યાસ જાગ્યા પછી ભમવું નહીં

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અભ્યાસ જાગ્યા પછી બહુ ભમવું નહીં
ને ન રહેવું ભેદવાદીની સાથ રે
કાયમ રહેવું એકાંતમાં
ને માથે સદગુરુજીનો હાથ રે ... અભ્યાસ જાગ્યા પછી

તીરથ વ્રત પછી કરવા નહીં
ને ન કરવા સદગુરુના કરમ રે,
એવી રે ખટપટ છોડી દેવી
જ્યારે જણાય માંહ્યલાનો મરમ ... અભ્યાસ જાગ્યા પછી

હરિમય જ્યારે આ જગતને જાણ્યું
ત્યારે પ્રપંચથી રહેવું દુર રે,
મોહ સઘળો પછી છોડી દેવો
ને હરિને ભાળવા ભરપૂર રે ... અભ્યાસ જાગ્યા પછી

મંડપ ને મેળા પછી કરવા નહીં 
એ છે અધૂરિયાનાં કામ રે,
ગંગા સતી એમ બોલિયા પાનબાઈ
ભાળવા હોય પરિપૂર્ણ રામ રે .... અભ્યાસ જાગ્યા પછી

- ગંગા સતી



0 #14 Pravin Panchal 2019-12-16 01:36
All bhajans of Panbai is in-between process of alchemy between normal human being (with attachment, desire, hate, love, basically living in duality) the realised experience of true potential self. All bhajans are mystical in nature, it warns the Panbai in order to make Panbai ready to experience her true self as Gangasati n her better-half. In this bhajan Gangasati,warns to all those die hard seeker of truth,where to be alert,not to stuck where, otherwise 1 will miss the key to self transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. Finally, Gangasati have the "words of EXPERIENCE" but ordinary people ONLY have "experience of WORDS" coz,we analyse all such beautiful songs from minds but actually all this comes straight from experience of HEART so, they have so profound effect.Each words n sentence can be elaborated n understands in details n in depth,if any one is ready for such die hard seeker of truth, pyass, thristiness.
0 #13 Tinu Bhakta 2018-04-13 06:57
જય કૃપાળુ મા.
સાચે જ અભ્યાસ જાગ્યા પછી ભમવું નહિ પડે !
પૂ.મા સાથે હોઇ તો કયાંયે જવું ના પડે.પૂ.મા જ સર્વસ્વ છે.
+1 #12 B D Raval 2016-07-10 22:17
Yes this is a true spiritual bhajan of Ganga sati. I am indeed impressed to hear. When we feel that we know our inner than there is no need to perform ritual Puja.
+1 #11 Rajendra 2013-02-11 08:51
Pranaam ! I am not able to listen the bhajans of Ganga Sati. Media player and vlc player also installed on my pc. Please guide me. I want to listen the bhajans. Awaiting your early reply. Hari Om Tat Sat.

[Pl. check our FAQ/Help section - admin]
+4 #10 Kinnar Gandhi 2012-01-23 14:02
My answer is to Hardip Rawal, this means that you should not go for tirath & vrat, upwas etc & after getting primary knowledge, many get arrogant & establish themselves as Guru. Here she is cautioning not to do such thing as it will further take you down.
+5 #9 Hemangini 2011-07-28 12:38
Awesome!! Really wonderful!!
+8 #8 Dr. D. M. Dave 2011-04-09 19:20
Ganga sati has conveyed to all of us that connecting with the supreme does not require formal education. It is evident beyond doubts that she apeaks to address from a vast and rich collection of divine thoughts from her multiple previous births.
+3 #7 Dhiraj Moghariya 2011-01-20 17:07
Jai Krupalu maa. Darshan at any time. Best service.
+2 #6 Falguni Panchal 2011-01-07 14:08
Ganga Sati is spiritual lady i am so grateful to God and Work u did for keeping her bhajans online.
+3 #5 Hardip Raval 2010-09-23 05:28
I don't know if Sri Yogeshwarji has commented on this bhajan or not but I have a question. Here it says Tirath Vrata pachhi karava nahi ane karava nahi sadaguru na karam re. If someone can explain this line from Ganga Sati I will very much appreciate it. Thank You

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