Sanskrit is described as 'the language of the Gods'. It is beyond doubt that Sanskrit has unparalleled depth and unique richness among all prevalent languages. All ancient Indian philosophical and yogic scriptures were written in Sanskrit. Although Sanskrit is no longer used as a day-to-day language in India, it has endured the test of time as an elementary language throughout the world where Hindu culture exists and Indian philosophy is studied. Since this site deals with basics of Hinduism, Indian religion and philosophy, it contains plenty of Sanskrit words. In order to comprehend the essence of such expressions we have presented critical spiritual words with their meaning in English.

We have also added special section, wherein one can find the references about various characters and places, which are part of Ramayana and Mahabharata, and a comprehensive lists of well known Upanishads. It will be our constant endeavor to help our visitors understand Indian scriptures.

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