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Ram and Lakshman continued their search for Sita. In the process, they came to Rishyamook Mountain where Sugriva, younger brother of Vaali lived with his minister Jambuvant and associate Hanuman.

Sugriva send Hanuman to find out whether Ram and Laxman were sent by Vaali. Hanuman appeared before the Ram and Laxman in the guise of Brahmin but soon realized that Ram was none other than his revered master. Hanuman took them to his chief, the monkey Sugriva, who'd seen Sita's abduction from afar. Sugriva promised to help rescue Sita if Ram in turn helped him overcome his powerful brother Bali, who had banished Sugriva from his kingdom.

Ram then took Sugriva to Pampapuri where Sugriva challenged Vaali. Before the fight began, Ram garlanded Sugriva so that he can identify him among the two similar looking brothers. In the battle, Vaali proved his might making Sugriva run for cover. At that instance, Ram hiding behind a tree killed Vaali with his arrow. On his deathbed Ram clarified to Vaali that since he kept illicit relationship with the wife of his brother, he is worthy of punishment. Sugriva was then crowned as King and Vaali's son Angad as young prince.

After Sugriva became king, he almost forgot about Sita's search. Ram and Laxman were getting impatient. Finally, Laxman went to Kiskindha and warned Sugriva of dire consequence if he did not fulfill his promise of helping find Sita. Sugriva apologized for his mistake and ordered his monkey army to search for Sita's whereabouts.

Ram knew that Hanuman would find Sita, so Ram gave Hanuman his ring, as a token that Sita would recognize. Searching relentlessly for Sita, the group containing Hanuman, Jambuvan and Angad met Sampati. Sampati, brother of Jatayu came to know about passing away of his brother while fighting for rescue of Sita. Sampati knew details about the whereabouts of Sita. He revealed that Sita was kept in Ashok-Vatika inside Lanka and added that whoever cross the vast ocean in one leap would accomplish the task.

The goal was clear but the question was who could accomplish such feat. Sampati said that he was too old to perform such a feat. Jambuvant said that in his youth he circumambulated Vamana in eye blink but he too was old to repeat such heroism. Angad said he could cross ocean in one leap but he won't be able to come back. While the discussion was on, Hanuman was seated in silence. When all the options ran out, everyone's eye were sat on Hanuman.

Jambuvant praised Hanuman and illustrated about his latent strengths. He also told Hanuman that he was born to accomplish the work of his master, Ram. Listening to this words, Hanuman became ready to leap across the ocean.

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