Characters of Mahabharat

Abhimanyu अभिमन्यु
Son of Arjuna, who died in the war

Adhirath अधिरथ
King Shantanu's sarathi, who found child Karna in a box flowed by Karna's mother Kunti. He named the boy Radhey and brought him up.

Amba अंबा
Daughter of Kashiraj (King of Kashi); sister of Ambika & Ambalika; wife of Shalva

Ambika & Ambalika अंबिका, अंबालिका
Daughter of Kashiraj (King of Kashi); sisters of Amba; wives of Vichitravirya

Aniruddha अनिरुद्ध
Grandson of Krishna and Rukmani; Son of Pradyuman and Rukmavati

Arjuna अर्जुन
Fourth son of Kunti, sired by Indra; Inimitable archer

Ashwatthama अश्वत्थामा
Son of Dronacharya and Krupi; defeated by Arjuna in the great battle of Mahabharata

Bhagiratha भगीरथ
King of solar dynasty who brought sacred river Ganga on earth

Bhima भीम
Third son of Kunti, sired by wind God; Known for his food and strength; Father of Ghatotkatcha

Bhishma भीष्म
Eighth son of Shantanu and Ganga; Counselor of Dhritarastra; celibate by vow; had a boon to choose the time of his death; aka Debvrata

Brihaspati ब्रृहस्पति
Spiritual head of Deities; Father of Kach

Chitrangad चित्रांगद
Son of Shantanu & Satyavati; Brother of Vichitravirya

Devyani देवयानी
Sukracharya's daughter, who married to King Yayati

Dhristadhyumna धृष्टद्युम्न
Son of King Drupada; Brother of Draupadi; He was born of a sacrificial fire along with Draupadi

Dhritarastra धृतराष्ट्र
Elder brother of Pandu; Father of hundered Kauravas (Duryodhan, Dushashan ..etc); husband of Gandhari

Drona द्रोण
Teacher who served dynasty of Hastinapur; Taught weaponry to both Pandavas and Kauravas but ended up fighting for Kaurvas; Son of Bhardwaj; He was married to Kripi and had a son named Aswatthama.

Drupada द्रुपद
Father of Draupadi and Dhristadhyumna; King of Panchal; father of Shikhandi; Childhood friend of Drona

Draupadi द्रौपदी
Wife of five pandavas; daughter of Kind Drupad; She was won in swayamvar (groom chosing) by Arjuna

Duryodhana दुर्योधन
First son of Gandhari and eldest of hundred Kauravas

Dushashana दुःशासन
Brother of Duryodhana and son of Gandhari; He humiliated and dragged Draupadi by hair

Dushala दुःशला
Daughter of Gandhari and Dhritarastra; Lone sister of hundred Kauravas

Eklavya एकलव्य
Inimitable archer and student of Drona who learned archery without direct teaching; he gave his thumb as Guru-dakshina

Gandhari गांधारी
Wife of Dhritarastra, who blindfold herself after the marriage; Mother of hundred Kauravas; Sister of Shakuni; Daughter of the King of Gandhar

Ganga गंगा
Married to Shantanu; Mother of Bhishma; Goddess of the sacred river, Ganga who was brought to earth by Bhagirath

Ghatotkatcha घटोत्कच
Son of Bhima

Jayadratha जयद्रथ
Son-in-law of Dritarastra and King of Sindhu kingdom; Married to Dushala, sister of Kauravas

Kach कच
Son of Brihaspati, who went to Sukracharya's place to learn the art of immortality

Kapil कपिल
Sage whose wrath killed sixty thousand sons of King Sagar

Karna कर्ण
Eldest son of Kunti, sired by sun God (hence surya-putra); Friend of Duryodhana; Raised by charioteer (hence sut-putra)

Kripacharya कृपाचार्य
Teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas but ended up fighting for kauravas

Krishna कृष्ण
Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who delivered Bhagavad Gita; cousin of Kunti; Friend and Charioteer of Arjuna; Chief councelor for Pandavas in the war

Kunti कुंती
Wife of Pandu; Mother of Karna, Yudhisthir, Arjuna and Bhima

Madri माद्री
Second wife of Pandu; Mother of Nakul and Sahdeva; daughter of King Shalya

Nakula नकुल
Son of Madri and Pandu, known for patience

Pratip प्रतीप
Father of Shantanu & Father-in-law of Ganga

Pandu पाण्डु
Younger brother of Dhritarastra; husband of Kunti

Sahdeva सहदेव
Son of Madri and Pandu, known for wisdom; He could see future

Sandipani सांदिपनी
Teacher of Krishna and Sudama

Satyavati सत्यवती
Daughter of a fisherman (Dasraj); wife of King Shantanu; mother of Chitrangad & Vichitravirya

Shalya शल्य
Madri's father

Shakuni शकुनी
Younger brother of Gandhari; maternal uncle of Duryodhana; An expert dice player

Shakuntala शकुंतला
Raised by Sage Kanva; Wife of King Dushyant; Mother of Sarvadaman

Shantanu शांतनु
Married to Ganga and father of Bhishma; also married to Satyavati, daughter of a fisherman.

Sharmistha शर्मिष्ठा
Daughter of King Vrishparva; friend of Devyani

Sukracharya शुक्राचार्य
Spiritual head of Demons

Ved Vyas वेद व्यास
Son of Sage Parashar and Matsyagandha; creator of Mahabharat, Bhagavad Gita and many Puranas; Born on a dwip (island) so also known as 'Dwaipayan'

Yayati ययाति
Son of King Nahush; Father of Puru; when Yayati became old because of a curse of Sukracharya, his son Puru gave him his youth

Yudhisthir युधिष्ठीर
Second son of Kunti, sired by Dharma

Yuyutsu युयुत्सु
Son of Dhritarastra from vaishya maid, who fought for Pandavas in Mahabharat war; He was installed as a king of Indraprastha by Yudhisthir

Vaishampayan वैशंपायन
Disciple of Ved Vyas, who gave discourse of Mahabharat to Janmejaya.

Vaichitravirya विचित्रवीर्य
Son of Shantanu & Satyavati; Brother of Chitrangad; he married to Ambika & Ambalika

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